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PpZAT10 negatively regulates peach cold resistance predominantly mediated by inhibiting VIN activity

Postharvest Biology and Technology. 2022-08; 
YiChen ,JiachangSun ,YingyingWei ,KefengCao ,ShuJiang ,XingfengShao
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Catalog Antibody protein concentration was measured using a Pierce BSA protein assay kit (Thermo Fisher, USA) and purity was estimated by SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis using an anti-His antibody (GenScript, Cat. No.A00186). Get A Quote


Sucrose is an important contributor to resist chilling stress during peach storage at low temperatures, but the underlying regulatory mechanism of sugar metabolism is still elusive. In this study, using peach fruit, we investigated how the zinc finger protein, PpZAT10 regulates vacuolar invertase (VIN), a regulator of sucrose metabolism. The expression of PpZAT10 is positively responsive to low temperature. When transient overexpressed PpZAT10 in peach fruit, the expression of PpVIN2 expression was not significantly affected, but VIN activity was enhanced. Yeast one-hybrid, electrophoretic mobility shift assays, and dual-luciferase assays demonstrated that PpZAT10 can bind the PpVIN2 promoter and thereby suppre... More


Prunus persicaZinc finger proteinInvertaseCold resistance