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Labeling Ebola Virus with a Self-Splicing Fluorescent Reporter

Microorganisms. 2022-10; 
Baylee Heiden , Elke Mühlberger , Christopher W Lennon , Adam J Hume
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Gene Synthesis The pMAL-ZsG-Int-His plasmid DNA was synthesized, subcloned, and sequenced by Genscript. Get A Quote


Inteins (intervening proteins) are polypeptides that interrupt the sequence of other proteins and remove themselves through protein splicing. In this intein-catalyzed reaction, the two peptide bonds surrounding the intein are rearranged to release the intein from the flanking protein sequences, termed N- and C-exteins, which are concurrently joined by a peptide bond. Because of this unique functionality, inteins have proven exceptionally useful in protein engineering. Previous work has demonstrated that heterologous proteins can be inserted within an intein, with both the intein and inserted protein retaining function, allowing for intein-containing genes to coexpress additional coding sequences. Here, we show ... More


Ebola virus; intein; reporter gene.