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mRNA-LNP expressing PfCSP and Pfs25 vaccine candidates targeting infection and transmission of Plasmodium falciparum

NPJ Vaccines. 2022-12; 
Clifford T H Hayashi , Yi Cao , Leor C Clark , Abhai K Tripathi , Fidel Zavala , Garima Dwivedi , James Knox , Mohamad-Gabriel Alameh , Paulo J C Lin , Ying K Tam , Drew Weissman , Nirbhay Kumar
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Codon Optimization PfCSP DNA plasmid was constructed similarly by cloning a codon-optimized full-length PfCSP sequence (Genscript) into the vector, VR1020. Get A Quote


Malaria is a deadly disease responsible for between 550,000 and 627,000 deaths annually. There is a pressing need to develop vaccines focused on malaria elimination. The complex lifecycle of Plasmodium falciparum provides opportunities not only to target the infectious sporozoite stage, introduced by anopheline mosquitoes, but also the sexual stages, which are ingested by mosquitoes during blood feeding, leading to parasite transmission. It is widely recognized that a vaccine targeting multiple stages would induce efficacious transmission reducing immunity. Technological advancements offer new vaccine platforms, such as mRNA-LNPs, which can be used to develop highly effective malarial vaccines. We evaluated the... More