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Electrical stimulation of piezoelectric BaTiO3 coated Ti6Al4V scaffolds promote antiinflammatory polarization of macrophage and bone repair via MAPK/JNK inhibition and OXPHOS activation

Biomaterials. 2022-12; 
Hao Wu, Dong Hui, Zhen Tang, Yu Chen, Yichao Liu, Mo Wang, Xinghui Wei, Ning Wang, Shusen Bao, Dongmei Yu, Zhigang Wu, Zhenda Yang, Xiaokang Li, Zheng Guo, Lei Shi
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Proteins, Expression, Isolation and Analysis A total of 30μg proterin form each sample was subjected to SDS-PAGE electrophoresis (SurePAGETM, GenScript, Nanjing) and transferred to PVDF membrane (Merck Millipore, MA, USA). Get A Quote


Bone regeneration is a highly synchronized process that requires multiple biochemical, bioelectrical, mechanical, and other physiological cues. The restoration Journal Pre-proof 2 and delivery of electrical cues locally through piezoelectric materials have been demonstrated to facilitate osteogenesis in vitro and bone repair in vivo. However, the underlying mechanism by which piezoelectric stimulation promotes osteogenesis and bone repair remains unclear yet, limiting the design and clinical application of piezoelectric materials for bone repair. Herein, a piezoelectric BaTiO3/Ti6Al4V (BT/Ti) scaffold was prepared by hydrothermal synthesis of a uniform BaTiO3 layer on three dimensionally printed Ti6Al... More


Bone repair, Piezoelectric, Ti6Al4V, Macrophage polarization