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Design and Characterization of Novel Antibody-Cytokine Fusion Proteins Based on Interleukin-21

Antibodies (Basel). 2022-03; 
Cesare Di Nitto, Dario Neri, Tobias Weiss, Michael Weller, Roberto De Luca
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Interleukin-21 (IL21) is a pleiotropic cytokine involved in the modulation of both innate and adaptive immunity. IL21 is mainly secreted by natural killer (NK) and activated CD4+ T-cells. The biology of this cytokine can be associated to proinflammatory responses reflecting its potent stimulatory activity of NK and CD8+ T-cells. Here we describe four formats of novel IL21-based antibody-cytokine fusion proteins, targeting the extra domain A (EDA) of fibronectin and explore their potential for cancer treatment. The fusion proteins were designed, expressed, and characterized. F8 in single-chain diabody (scDb) format fused to IL21 at its C-terminus exhibited a promising profile in size exclusion chromatography (SE... More


Interleukin-21, Solid Tumor, cross-reactivity, cytokines, format engineering, immune-modulation, immunocytokines, protein engineering