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A critical path to producing high quality, reproducible data from quantitative western blot experiments

Sci Rep. 2022-10; 
Sean C Taylor, Luciana K Rosselli-Murai, Bélinda Crobeddu, Isabelle Plante
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Proteins, Expression, Isolation and Analysis … µl (GenScript – M00653) were used for protein separation. MES Buffer Powder packs (GenScript – … in one liter of ddH 2 O for gel separation in GenBox Mini Tank (GenScript – L00780). … Get A Quote


Western blotting experiments were initially performed to detect a target protein in a complex biological sample and more recently, to measure relative protein abundance. Chemiluminescence coupled with film-based detection was traditionally the gold standard for western blotting but accurate and reproducible quantification has been a major challenge from this methodology. The development of sensitive, camera-based detection technologies coupled with an updated technical approach permits the production of reproducible, quantitative data. Fluorescence reagent and detection solutions are the latest innovation in western blotting but there remains questions and debate concerning their relative sensitivity and dynami... More