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WRKY2 and WRKY10 regulate the circadian expression of during the day through interactions with CCA1/LHY and phyB

Plant Commun. 2021-11; 
Shulei Wang, Qingbin Sun, Min Zhang, Chengzhu Yin, Min Ni
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Polyclonal Antibody Services … WRKY10 or WRKY2 and SHB1 fusion proteins were immunoprecipitated from the protein extracts with polyclonal anti-MYC A01704 (GenScript) or anti-HA A00168 (GenScript) … Get A Quote


WRKY transcription factors are known mostly for their function in plant defense, abiotic stress responses, senescence, seed germination, and development of the pollen, embryo, and seed. Here, we report the regulatory functions of two WRKY proteins in photomorphogenesis and expression. PIF4 is a critical signaling hub in light, temperature, and hormonal signaling pathways. Either its expression or its accumulation peaks in the morning and afternoon. WRKY2 and WRKY10 form heterodimers and recognize their target site in the promoter near the MYB element that is bound by CCA1 and LHY under red and blue light. WRKY2 and WRKY10 interact directly with CCA1/LHY to enhance their targeting but interact indirectly with ... More


CCA1, LHY, PIF4 expression, WRKY10, WRKY2, light signaling