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Cross-neutralization of RBD mutant strains of SARS-CoV-2 by convalescent patient derived antibodies

Biotechnol J. 2021-08; 
Yan Lou, Wenxiang Zhao, Haitao Wei, Min Chu, Ruihua Chao, Hangping Yao, Junwei Su, Yanan Li, Xiulan Li, Yu Cao, Yanyan Feng, Ping Wang, Yongyang Xia, Yushuan Shang, Fengping Li, Pingju Ge, Xinglin Zhang, Wenjing Gao, Gaojie Song, Bing Du, Tingbo Liang, Yunqing Qiu, Mingyao Liu
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Catalog Antibody For ELISA assay, 96‐well ELISA plates (3923, Corning) were coated with anti‐his antibodies (100 μg 100 μl‐1 PBS) (A00186‐100, GenScript) overnight at 4°C Get A Quote


background: The emergence of COVID-19 pandemic resulted in an urgent need for the development of therapeutic interventions. Of which, neutralizing antibodies play a crucial role in the prevention and resolution of viral infection. methods: We generated antibody libraries from 18 different COVID-19 recovered patients and screened neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants. After 3 rounds of panning, 456 positive phage clones were obtained with high affinity to RBD (receptor binding domain). Clones were then reconstituted into whole human IgG for epitope binning assay and all 19 IgG were classified into 6 different epitope groups or Bins. results: Although all antibodies were found to bind RBD, the ant... More


SARS-CoV-2, Spike protein, neutralizing antibodies, patient-derived antibody libraries