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Rimklb mutation causes male infertility in mice

Sci Rep. 2021-02; 
Koji Maekura, Satoshi Tsukamoto, Michiko Hamada-Kanazawa, Masaoki Takano
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Rimklb is a mammalian homologue of the E. coli enzyme RimK, which catalyzes addition of glutamic acid to the ribosomal protein S6. To date, no previous studies have shown any physiological role for Rimklb in mammals. In this study, using Western blotting, we found that Rimklb is distributed and expressed in mouse testis and heart. Rimklb was subsequently localized to the testicular Leydig cells using immunohistochemistry with an anti-Rimklb antibody. We generated a Rimklb mutant mouse in which a three-base deletion results in deletion of Ala 29 and substitution of Leu 30 with Val, which we named the Rimklb mutant mouse. Rimklb mutant mice show a decrease in testicular size and weight, and in vitro fertilization... More