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Genome-wide identification and characterization of tomato 14–3-3 (SlTFT) genes and functional analysis of SlTFT6 under heat stress

Physiologia plantarum. 2023-03; 
Yunfei Liang, Fang Ma, Ruili Zhang, Wenyu Li, Jiao Dang, Huai Su, Boyu Li, Tixu Hu, Mingke Zhang, Yan Liang, Xiangqiang Zhan
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Transient Expression(INACTIVE) The total RNA from leaves was extracted with TriQuick Reagent (Solarbio), then used to generate the first-strand cDNA via M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase (GenScript) Get A Quote


The plant 14-3-3 proteins are essential for many biological processes and responses to abiotic stress. We performed genome-wide identification and analysis of the 14-3-3 family genes in tomato. To explore the properties of the thirteen Sl14-3-3 found in the tomato genome, their chromosomal location, phylogenetic, and syntenic relationships were analyzed. The Sl14-3-3 promoters were found to have a number of growth-, hormone-, and stress-responsive cis-regulatory elements. Moreover, the qRT-PCR assay revealed that Sl14-3-3 genes are responsive to heat and osmotic stress. Subcellular localization experiments evidenced that the SlTFT3/6/10 proteins occur in the nucleus and cytoplasm Additional analysis on Sl14-3-3... More