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Mechanism of assembly, activation and lysine selection by the SIN3B histone deacetylase complex

nature communications. 2023-05; 
Mandy S M Wan, Reyhan Muhammad, Marios G Koliopoulos, Theodoros I Roumeliotis, Jyoti S Choudhary, Claudio Alfieri
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Gene Synthesis and HDAC2 were purchased from GeneArt (Thermo Fischer Scientific) or GenScript and cloned into MultiBac vectors (pFastBac1 or pACEBac1) for insect cell expression Get A Quote


Lysine acetylation in histone tails is a key post-translational modification that controls transcription activation. Histone deacetylase complexes remove histone acetylation, thereby repressing transcription and regulating the transcriptional output of each gene. Although these complexes are drug targets and crucial regulators of organismal physiology, their structure and mechanisms of action are largely unclear. Here, we present the structure of a complete human SIN3B histone deacetylase holo-complex with and without a substrate mimic. Remarkably, SIN3B encircles the deacetylase and contacts its allosteric basic patch thereby stimulating catalysis. A SIN3B loop inserts into the catalytic tunnel, rearranges to ... More