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Characterization of the conserved features of the NSE6 subunit of the Physcomitrium patens SMC5/6 complex

Plant J .. 2023-05; 
Edit Lelkes , Jitka Jemelková , Marcela Holá , Barbora Štefanovie , Peter Kolesár , Radka Vágnerová , Eva Dvořák Tomaštíková , Ales Pecinka , Karel J Angelis , Jan J Paleček
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Gene Synthesis Synthetic PpNSE6 DNA with optimized codons and a StrepTwin-tag sequence was cloned into the NdeI–XhoI sites of the pET-Duet expression vector (GenScript, Piscataway, NJ, USA), resulting in the pET-Duet-PpNSE6(aa1–370)-StrepTwin-Stag construct (PJJ22). Get A Quote


Structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) complexes are molecular machines ensuring chromatin organization at higher levels. They play direct roles in cohesion, condensation, replication, transcription, and DNA repair. Their cores are composed of long-armed SMC, kleisin, and kleisin-associated subunits. Additional factors, like NSE6 within SMC5/6, bind to SMC core complexes and regulate their activities. In the human HsNSE6/SLF2, we recently identified a new CANIN domain. Here we tracked down its sequence homology to lower plants, selected the bryophyte Physcomitrium patens, and analyzed PpNSE6 protein-protein interactions to explore its conservation in detail. We identified a previously unrecognized core seq... More


CANIN domain; DNA damage repair; NSE5/SNI1/SLF1/SIMC1; NSE6/ASAP1/SLF2/KRE29; Physcomitrium patens; SMC5/6 complex; plant development.