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Adaptive evolution to the natural and anthropogenic environment in a global invasive crop pest, the cotton bollworm

The Innovation. 2023-05; 
Minghui Jin, Henry L. North, Yan Peng, Hangwei Liu,, Bo Liu,, Ruiqing Pan, Yan Zhou, Weigang Zheng, Kaiyu Liu, Bo Yang, Lei Zhang, Qi Xu, Samia Elfekih,Wendy A. Valencia-Montoya, Tom Walsh, Peng Cui, Yongfeng Zhou, Kenneth Wilson, Chris Jiggins,Kongming Wu,and Yutao Xiao,
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The cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, is set to become the most economically devastating crop pest in the world, threatening food security and biosafety as its range expands across the globe. Key to understanding the eco-evolutionary dynamics of H. armigera, and thus its management, is annderstanding of population connectivity and the adaptations that allow the pest to establish in unique environments. We assembled a chromosome-cale reference genome and re-sequenced 503 individuals spanning the species range to delineate global patterns of connectivity, uncovering a previously cryptic population structure. Using a genome-wide association study (GWAS) and cell line expression of major effect loci, we show ... More


population genomics genome GWAS adaptive evolution