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Engineered ketocarotenoid biosynthesis in the polyextremophilic red microalga Cyanidioschyzon merolae 10D

Metabolic Engineering Communications . 2023-05; 
Mark Seger , Fakhriyya Mammadova , Melany Villegas-Valencia , Barbara ´ Bastos de Freitas , Clarissa Chang , Iona Isachsen , Haley Hemstreet , Fatimah Abualsaud , Malia Boring , Peter J. Lammers , Kyle J. Lauersen
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Gene Synthesis In silico assembly and de novo synthesis of transformation plasmids using pBluesript II KS (+) (Stratagene, USA) as the backbone vector was done in the Snapgene (software v. 6.4; www.sna and using GenScript services (GenScript Inc., USA), respectively (Fig. 2 and Supplemental Data S4). Get A Quote


The polyextremophilic Cyanidiophyceae are eukaryotic red microalgae with promising biotechnological properties arising from their low pH and elevated temperature requirements which can minimize culture contamination at scale. Cyanidioschyzon merolae 10D is a cell wall deficient species with a fully sequenced genome that is amenable to nuclear transgene integration by targeted homologous recombination. C. merolae maintains a minimal carotenoid profile and here, we sought to determine its capacity for ketocarotenoid accumulation mediated by heterologous expression of a green algal β-carotene ketolase (BKT) and hydroxylase (CHYB). To achieve this, a synthetic transgene expression cassette system was built to in... More


Microalgae. red algae. ketocarotenoids. Cyanidiophyceae. polyextremophiles. astaxanthin