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Plant-based meat analogues enhance the gastrointestinal motility function and appetite of mice by specific volatile compounds and peptides

Food Research International. 2023-12; 
Yunting Xie, Linlin Cai, Mengzhen Ding, Kai Shan, Di Zhao, Guanghong Zhou, Chunbao Li
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Eating behavior is critical for maintaining energy homeostasis. Previous studies have found that plant-based meat analogues increased diet intake in mice compared with animal meat under a free feeding mode, however the reasons were unclear. To explore the underlying mechanisms of plant-based meat analogues increasing diet intake, mice were fed animal or plant-based pork and beef analogue diets, respectively. Biochemical and histological analyses were performed to evaluate appetite-regulating hormones and gastrointestinal motility function. Peptiomics and GC-IMS were applied to identify key substances. We found that the intake of plantbased meat analogues significantly enhanced the gastrointestinal motility f... More