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Self−Assembling Nanovaccine Fused with Flagellin Enhances Protective Effect against Foot−and−Mouth Disease Virus

Vaccines. 2023-11; 
Chenchen Pei , Hu Dong , Zhidong Teng , Sumin Wei , Yun Zhang , Shuanghui Yin , Jianli Tang , Shiqi Sun and Huichen Guo
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Gene Synthesis Genes were codon optimized and synthesized into pSMA [23] to generate pSMA−VP1, pSMA−VP1−i301, and pSMA−VP1−i301−nFLiC by Jiangsu Genscript Biotechnology Co., Ltd Get A Quote


Nanovaccines based on self−assembling nanoparticles (NPs) can show conformational epitopes of antigens and they have high immunogenicity. In addition, flagellin, as a biological immune enhancer, can be fused with an antigen to considerably enhance the immune effect of antigens. In improving the immunogenicity and stability of a foot−and−mouth disease virus (FMDV) antigen, novel FMDV NP antigens were prepared by covalently coupling the VP1 protein and truncated flagellin containing only N−terminus D0 and D1 (N−terminal aa 1–99, nFLiC) with self−assembling NPs (i301).The results showed that the fusion proteins VP1−i301 and VP1−i301−nFLiC can assemble into NPs with high thermal tolerance and... More


foot−and−mouth disease; flagellin; self−assembling; nanoparticles; nanovaccine