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Crystal structure of domain of unknown function 507 (DUF507) reveals a new protein fold

Sci Rep . . 2023-08; 
Cole E McKay , Jianlin Cheng , John J Tanner
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Gene Synthesis A synthetic gene encoding DUF507 from Aquifex aeolicus (AaDUF507, UniProt O67633, 183 residues) with codons optimized for expression in Escherichia coli was synthesized and ligated into plasmid pET-24b(+) by GenScript. Get A Quote


The crystal structure of the domain of unknown function family 507 protein from Aquifex aeolicus is reported (AaDUF507, UniProt O67633, 183 residues). The structure was determined in two space groups (C2221 and P3221) at 1.9 Å resolution. The phase problem was solved by molecular replacement using an AlphaFold model as the search model. AaDUF507 is a Y-shaped α-helical protein consisting of an anti-parallel 4-helix bundle base and two helical arms that extend 30-Å from the base. The two crystal structures differ by a 25° rigid body rotation of the C-terminal arm. The tertiary structure exhibits pseudo-twofold symmetry. The structural symmetry mirrors internal sequence similarity: residues 11-57 and 102-148 ... More