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Validation of flavivirus infectious clones carrying fluorescent markers for antiviral drug screening and replication studies

Front Microbiol. 2023-09; 
Liubov Cherkashchenko , Nathalie Gros, Alice Trausch, Aymeric Neyret, Mathilde Hénaut, Gregor Dubois, Matthieu Villeneuve, Christine Chable-Bessia, Sébastien Lyonnais, Andres Merits, Delphine Muriaux
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Gene Synthesis V. Briefly, synthetic DNA fragments were obtained from Twist Bioscience (San Francisco, CA, USA) and Genscript (New Jersey, USA). Get A Quote


Flaviviruses have emerged as major arthropod-transmitted pathogens and represent an increasing public health problem worldwide. High-throughput screening can be facilitated using viruses that easily express detectable marker proteins. Therefore, developing molecular tools, such as reporter-carrying versions of flaviviruses, for studying viral replication and screening antiviral compounds represents a top priority. However, the engineering of flaviviruses carrying either fluorescent or luminescent reporters remains challenging due to the genetic instability caused by marker insertion; therefore, new approaches to overcome these limitations are needed. Here, we describe reverse genetic methods that include the de... More


Kunjin virus; Zika virus; dengue virus; flaviviruses; fluorescent marker and reporter genes; infectious clone; reverse genetics.