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Diversity of rhodopsin cyclases in zoospore-forming fungi

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2023-10; 
Matthias Broser, Wayne Busse, Anika Spreen, Maila Reh, Yinth Andrea Bernal Sierra, Songhwan Hwang, Tillmann Utesch, Han Sun, Peter Hegemann
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Gene Synthesis … The DNA sequences of GpRGC2 and GhRGC2 were obtained by gene synthesis (GenScript, Piscataway, NJ). For electrophysiological characterization, the following construct … Get A Quote


Light perception for orientation in zoospore-forming fungi is linked to homo- or heterodimeric rhodopsin-guanylyl cyclases (RGCs). Heterodimeric RGCs, first identified in the chytrid , consist of an unusual near-infrared absorbing highly fluorescent sensitizer neorhodopsin (NeoR) that is paired with a visual light-absorbing rhodopsin responsible for enzyme activation. Here, we present a comprehensive analysis of the distribution of RGC genes in early-branching fungi using currently available genetic data. Among the characterized RGCs, we identified red-sensitive homodimeric RGC variants with maximal light activation close to 600 nm, which allow for red-light control of GTP to cGMP conversion in mammalian cells.... More


enzyme-rhodopsins, fluorescence, fungal-rhodopsins, near infra red light sensing