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Neutrophil-Mediated Tumor-Targeting Delivery System of Oncolytic Bacteria Combined with ICB for Melanoma Lung Metastasis Therapy

Adv Sci (Weinh). 2023-08; 
Lina Liu, Wenjie Xin, Qiang Li, Baolian Huang, Te Yin, Siqi Hua, Chen Yang, Chen Chen, Chao Han, Zichun Hua
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Gene Synthesis … for Melanoma Lung Metastasis Therapy - Liu - 2023 - Advanced Science - Wiley Online Library … The primers were synthesized by Genscript (Nanjing, China) and are listed in Supporting … Get A Quote


Oncolytic bacteria are the most promising tumor target vector. Questions also remain regarding finding a balance between the therapeutic efficacy and safety of oncolytic bacteria. The critical measure of how this balance is maintained is the improvement in tumor colonization. Attenuated Salmonella typhimurium (VNP20009) as the only Salmonella strain to be evaluated in a clinical trial is a potential tumor therapeutic bacterium. A delivery system with controlled release of VNP after being loaded into neutrophils, which significantly increases the tumor-targeting of VNP and enhances its therapeutic efficacy in a melanoma lung metastasis model is constructed. To improve the synergistic therapeutic effect, a PD1 na... More


PD1 nanobody, VNP20009, neutrophil, tumor-targeting delivery system