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A new subfamily of putative cytokinin receptors is revealed by an analysis of the evolution of the two-component signaling system of plants.

Plant Physiol.. 2014-02; 
Gruhn N, Halawa M, Snel B, Seidl MF, Heyl A. Freie Universitat Berlin
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The two-component signaling system (TCS) - the major signaling pathway of bacteria - is found among higher eukaryotes only in plants where it regulates diverse processes such as the signaling of the phytohormone cytokinin. Cytokinin is perceived by a hybrid-histidine kinase receptor and the signal is transduced by a multi-step phospho-relay system of histidine phosphotransfer proteins (HPT) and different classes of response regulators (RR). To shed light on the origin and evolution of TCS members in plants, we conducted a comprehensive domain-based phylogenetic study across the relevant kingdoms including charophyceae algae, the group of green algae giving rise to land plants. Surprisingly, we identified a nove... More