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Rush Gene Synthesis Service Delivered in as few as 4 Days

100% Sequence Accuracy

Enjoy Up to 28% Discount Now!


How many times have you wished you could receive your synthetic genes very fast so you could expedite your research?

Have you ever wished you had more time for downstream application of your synthetic genes?

We heard your wishes and are now offering you an Express Gene Synthesis Service to help you expedite your research and have more time for other experiments! Our Rush Gene Synthesis Service allows you to receive your synthetic genes in as fast as 4 days with 100% sequence accuracy.

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Rush Gene Synthesis Service

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Cloning and Mutagenesis Service bundled with Rush Gene Synthesis Service

Save up to 28% on Rush Gene Synthesis Service

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* If you want to order Rush Gene with Cloning or Mutagenesis service, please contact your account manager or

Fast Delivery

Synthetic genes delivered in as fast as 4 days

Made in USA

Production in a local US factory ensuring fast delivery

First Response

Highest production priority so you could enjoy our VIP service

Comprehensive Downstream Services

Offering bundled cloning and mutagenesis services

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