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Scholar Club Program

As the world's leading biotech company, GenScript takes pride in supporting life scientists by providing high-quality services and products. Indeed, as of June 30, 2017, GenScript has been cited by 26,700 peer-reviewed papers in 1,300+ top journals including Cell, Nature, Science, and PNAS; making GenScript a reliable strategic research partner. Of all researchers citing GenScript, 38% used Molecular Biology Services, 33% used Catalog Products, 20% used Peptide Services, 7% used Antibody Services, and 2% used Protein Services.

You, too, can join our Scholar Club and share scientific ideas, as well as your GenScript experiences with other researchers in the industry. To become a member, simply cite GenScript in your publication every time you publish a research article using GenScript products or services. GenScript in return will reward you with a $100 GenScript coupon. In addition, for each citation shared on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) with the “@GenScript” tag, you (i.e. the author) will automatically receive an additional 1,000 EzCoupon™ points.


  1. Members will receive one $100 coupon per citation regardless of the number of contributing authors.
  2. Citations shared to social media must be tagged with "@GenScript" to receive one, 1,000 points per citation regardless of the number of times the citation was shared.
  3. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at scholarclub@genscript.com.