Key Benefits of Vector-Based RNAi

Stronger in vivo inhibitory effects

Vector-based siRNA is more effective in vivo than synthetic siRNA and can work with tissue-specific promoters.

Inducible expression

Vector-based siRNA allows the researcher to establish inducible systems using inducible vectors.

Long-term RNAi effect

Vector-based siRNA allows the researcher to obtain a stable cell line and observe the long-term effects of RNAi.

Easy to handle and renewable

Vector-based siRNA is delivered in plasmid form, which is more stable and easier to handle than synthetic siRNA. As a plasmid, it can be easily regenerated on-site.

Less costly

The easy regeneration character of siRNA vectors can reduce cost in high-throughput applications, where large amount of siRNA is in need.

Gene-therapy compatibility

Viral vector-based siRNA can be used to infect primary cell lines for gene therapy purposes.

Easy enrichment of knock-down cells

Vectors can be equipped with antibiotic resistance genes, allowing the easy removal of untransfected cells.

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