Full Process Solution for Small Nucleic Acid Drugs

Small nucleic acid drugs, such as siRNA, ASO, miRNA, Aptamer, etc., function based on the RNAi process and offer various advantages, including unlimited target druggability, high specificity, long half-life, faster and more efficient design, development and production process.

With over 20 years of experience in DNA and RNA oligonucleotide synthesis, GenScript has developed an integrated siRNA & ASO production platform that streamlines sequence design, synthesis, delivery, and bioassay screening to support and accelerate your small nucleic acid drug development projects.

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GenScript Advantage


One stop service

  • High accuracy in design
  • Up to kg level/ RUO to cGMP
  • Optimized conjugation technology
  • High-throughput screening

Flexible solutions

  • Online design tool
  • Modularized service options
  • Customized purification, QC, and functional testing

Experience-enabled fast delivery

  • As fast as 7 weeks form design to delivery
  • 21+ years of oligo synthesis experience
  • Track records of successful cases




Service Length Quantity Type Purification Modification Conjugation QC * Function Testing #
siRNA ~21-23nt 5 nmol to Kg level
  • Multi- transcripts,
  • High-throughput siRNA,
  • Cross-species siRNA
Rnase free HPLC, desalt, PAGE Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA), thioate, methylation, 2-Ome etc. (~200 types) Antibody, peptide, lipid etc.
  • Mass: MS,LC-MS, LC MS/MS sequencing
  • Purity: RNase-HPLC, PAGE, CGE
  • Other: pH, TEA Salt residue, solvent residue
  • Safety: Endotoxin, bioburden testing
  • Knock-down efficiency (mRNA & protein level detection)
  • Off-target effect
  • Cell viability
ASO ~30nt
  • Occupancy mechanism
  • Degradation mechanism

Final Deliverables

* QC and Specifications >>

QC Item​ Test Method​ Specification Standard QC Customized QC
Appearance​ Visual Inspect White to pale yellow powder
Identity by MW Mass Spectrometry Theoretical Average MW ± 0.1%
LC-MS Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry Report result
LC MS/MS Sequencing High-resolution Mass Spectrometry Sequencing 100% sequence coverage
Purity by HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography double-strand siRNA ≥ 90%
Purity by CGE Capillary Gel Electrophoresis Report result
Purity by PAGE Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Report result
pH Measurement Micro pH Electrode Method Report result
TEA Salt residue detection Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Measurement Report result
Solvent residue Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry Measurement Report result
Endotoxin​ Chromogenic Method Report result
Bacterial Testing ​Direct Inoculation /membrane filter method Report result

Please find more customized QC information in Oligo Quality Control Service>>.

# Available cell line models for function testing >>

Disease State or Tissue Type Cell Line
Bladder cancer RT-4
Cervical cancer Hela
Fibroblast cancer SJCRH30
Leukemia THP1, Jurkat, SUP-T1
Liver cancer HepG2, Huh-7, Hep3B
Lung cancer A549, H1975
Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y, SK-N-BE(2)
Ovarian cancer RMG-1
Skin cancer A375, A431
Non-cancerous HEK293T, HUVECS
Mouse L929S, CHO, Raw264
Primary cells PBMC, Primary Cynomolgus Monkey Hepatocytes

GenScript also support customized cell mode

cGMP RNAi Oligonucleotides Request Form>>

Design Tool

siRNA Design Tool

siRNA Negative Control Design Tool

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