Creating Social Value

We believe our business success is interconnected with industry growth and social progress. We work to enable our clients, support employee growth, and invest in communities to drive positive impact across our value chain and create social value along with our stakeholders.

Sustainable Supply Chain Sustainable Supply Chain 1
Quality and Safety Quality and Safety 2
Empowering Our Employees Empowering Our Employees 3
R&D and Innovation R&D and Innovation 4
Contributing to Communities Contributing to Communities 5

Our targets

  • Ensure that 50% of targeted suppliers complete environmental audits
  • Ensure that 100% of targeted suppliers obtain environmental management system certification
  • Ensure that 100% of targeted suppliers sign the Supplier Code of Conduct

Our initiatives

  • Integrate ESG metrics into supplier evaluation and selection and conduct ESG audits of targeted suppliers
  • Provide ESG training for buyers and incorporate sustainable procurement metrics into their performance reviews
  • Carry out the identification, evaluation and management of suppliers’ social and environmental risks and conduct due diligence for conflict minerals
  • Implement a supplier diversity program by identifying and developing women-owned/disability-owned businesses as our suppliers
  • Regularly monitor suppliers’ carbon reduction initiatives and performance and enable suppliers to reduce energy consumption

Performance highlights

  • 51% supplier base subject to social and environmental risk reassessments (by spend)
  • 95.7% suppliers that have signed the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • 100% buyers trained on sustainable procurement

Our initiatives

  • Establish and maintain quality management systems across our business modules throughout the life cycle from R&D to manufacturing
  • Conduct stability testing and follow release standards for each step
  • Perform quality audits across our business modules, organize external quality audits, and pursue international quality certifications
  • Regularly organize training programs for all employees, including systematic training on quality system theories, training on industry background, as well as hands-on practices and assessments
  • Respond to and track customer complaints, with an overall satisfaction score of 90.65

Business Units

Life Science Services and Products

Biologics CDMO

Industrial Synthetic Products

Quality Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System
European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI) GMP Certification
SS 620 Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMDS)

ISO 9001 Quality Management System
EU Qualified Person (QP)

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System
Kosher Certification
Halal Certification

Quality System Certifications (non-exhaustive list)

Our initiatives

  • Adopt a professional strategy to attract talents worldwide, and provide diverse and equal opportunities in promotion and development
  • Empower employees through talent development programs, scientific career development pathways, and competitive variable compensation
  • Develop a robust performance review system and launch an electronic performance management system
  • Value employees’ input by offering multiple channels for communication with the management to enhance their sense of belonging
  • Provide health and safety training, identify, assess and rectify safety hazards, and implement occupational health and safety initiatives covering employees and contractors

Performance highlights

  • 100% employees who have received professional training
  • 46% women in managerial positions
  • 41% women among top executives
  • 90% employee satisfaction
  • 100% employees that have received occupational health and safety training
  • 0 severe health and safety accidents

By continuously investing in R&D, process improvement and innovative service and product offerings, we work to bring environmental and social benefits for our clients and business partners.

  • R&D spending of about US$430 million in 2023, up by 10.9% YoY
  • 9.8% of our workforce are dedicated to R&D
  • 118 new patents granted in 2023
  • Cumulatively 330 patents granted

Environmental benefits

We proactively explore the potential of energy conservation and carbon reduction in our corporate management. We have upgraded manufacturing processes across our business units, resulting in higher R&D efficiency and reduction in energy consumption and resource waste.

Life Science Services and Products

  • We adopt the automated capillary technology CE-SDS instead of SDS-PAGE as the release process, which significantly reduces the discharge of wastewater and solid waste and improves environmental friendliness of protein production.

Biologics CDMO Platform

  • In terms of protein and antibody drugs, most of our core process equipment utilizes disposable process systems, which compared to stainless steel production systems, saves on in-line cleaning and in-line sterilization processes, reduces the usage of acids and alkalis, and significantly lowers the amount of purified water and injection water required. Additionally, some components of the disposable systems are now being recycled, further reducing carbon emissions.
  • In the field of cell and gene therapy drugs, our formulation production lines all opt for fully automated isolator systems, resulting in nearly 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional systems.
  • We have developed high-expression cell lines and continuous perfusion processes, enabling 10-fold production capacity increase with smaller-scale factory equipment compared to traditional processes, thereby greatly reducing overall energy consumption and material consumption.

Industrial Synthetic Biology Products

  • Laundry protease PuriWise®

    With a significantly improved cleaning effect, PuriWise can shorten washing time and reduce water and energy consumption.

    PuriWise can effectively break down and remove protein stains on clothes, reducing pollutants into water.

    PuriWise is produced by fermentation of biomass materials such as sugar and soymeal, without any high-temperature steps, strong acid or alkali, toxic or hazardous chemicals, or materials of animal origin.

  • Feed protease ProMax reduces the need for soymeal due to improved protein digestibility in animal feed, saves 15 kg to 25 kg of soymeal per ton of feed, and reduces ammonia emissions by 5% to 10%.

Social benefits

Harnessing our expertise in life science, biologics development and manufacturing, and cell therapy, we enable clients to expedite regulatory approval and commercialization by upgrading our technology and capabilities and shortening turnaround time, increase access to medicines, and drive industry growth.

  • We offer high-quality materials for DNA synthesis and related life science services to shorten turnaround time for clients and accelerate products through development to commercialization.
  • Our integrated CDMO services facilitate clients to expedite their journey to clinical trials. We have assisted clients in obtaining over 80 Investigational New Drug (IND) approvals.
  • CARVYKTI®, our subsidiary Legend’s first commercialized cell therapy product, treated over 1,000 multiple myeloma patients in 2023. CARVYKTI® has been approved for second-line treatment of multiple myeloma, expecting to benefit more patients.
  • Our subsidiary Legend entered into a license agreement with Novartis Pharma AG regarding CAR-T therapies targeting Delta-like ligand protein 3 (DLL3), including Legend’s existing autologous CAR-T cell therapy candidate, LB2102. A combination of this unique candidate design in LB2102 with the T-Charge platform may potentially offer transformative benefits to small cell lung cancer patients.

Committed to giving back to society, we fulfill corporate social responsibility through charitable initiatives and engagement with governments, universities and the industry in an effort to grow and thrive with our communities.

  • GenScript unveils the Inaugural Life Science Research Grant Project, empowering researchers to transcend the boundaries of science.
  • 2024 GenScript Biotech Global Forum during the JPM Conference
  • Strategic collaboration with Nanjing University
  • “GenScript Overseas Training Scholarship” program with China Pharmaceutical University
  • US$437,000 donation for charitable and community purposes