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specialized antibody services

Specialized Antibody Services

Antibody Service

GenScript offers specialized antibody services including Antibody drug development, Antibody modification & purification services, Immunoassay development services, Stable cell line services and other antibody services. These specialized antibody services can be further tailored to meet your custom projects and needs.

Antibody Drug Development

Antibody sequencing, Screening and Characterization, Humanization, Maturation, Chimeric antibody generation, Library and phage display etc.

  Antibody Modification & Purification Services

Antibody Fragmentation, Conjugation and Labeling, Fluorescent Labeling, Purification Services

Immunoassay Development Services

Antibody Paring, Validation for Drug Discovery, Therapeutic Antibody Detection

  Antibody Pairing Services

Monoclonal and polyclonal antibody pairs for sandwich ELISAs

Additional Services

Antibody Testing, Pre-screening, Cell Line Storage, Extended Animal Maintenance, etc.

  Stable Cell Line Services

Research-grade cell lines, Production-grade cell lines and Cell lines for assays

specialized antibody services

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