ONE-HOUR Western Technology

The combination of GenScript's ONE-HOUR Western Blot Kits with Millipore's SNAP I.D. System* is able to shorten the Western blot analysis time to less than 12 minutes.

Epitope Tag Antibodies

GenScript offers highly specific antibodies to all of these epitope tags. The most commonly used epitope tags include 6-Histidine, Hemagglutinin, c-Myc, GST, and DYKDDDDK. All GenScript antibodies are carefully tested by many methods to make sure of their specificity and efficient performance.


The GenScript ONE-HOUR ELISA GST Detection Kit allows the use to detect and quantitate glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and GST-fusion proteins in samples, such as cell lysate, in just 35 minutes.

Express ELISA Kit

The GenScript Express ELISA Kit is designed to detect and quantitate antigen-specific antibodies in serums and other samples using a proprietary (patent pending) one-hour indirect ELISA procedure. This kit allows user to perform a complete ELISA from antigen coating to signal development in just one hour.

Phospho Specific Antibody

GenScript’s phospho-specific antibodies are affinity-purified and depleted of cross-reactivity with non-phosphorylated forms of proteins, enabling them to detect only the phosphorylated forms of proteins in the complex mixtures of proteins in cells.

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