As an emerging and interdisciplinary field, synthetic biology seeks to make the design, construction and optimization of biological systems easier, more predictable and reliable. This is achieved through the assembly of core biomolecules as engineered parts, which will either enhance the biological functions of existing systems or help with creating novel biological functions and systems. Read More »

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Among the three phases involved in synthetic biology projects, bottlenecks usually occur during the build stage, as the simultaneous assembly of different DNA circuitry can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. To overcome this challenge, several enabling technologies, such as gene synthesis and molecular engineering, can be utilized. As the industry leader in these fields, GenScript offers an array of services to help streamline the build phase of your synthetic biology projects. Discuss your project with our scientists to learn how we can help you.


Testimonials Dr. Lesley Mitchell

Jef Boeke Laboratory, NYU,
Yeast Sc2.0 Project

"I'd like to say how pleased I am with all of the DNA GenScript has provided for this collaboration. The turnaround time on the first few fragments was outstanding. Further, the quality of the DNA you've sent has been excellent. As a result, the integration of synVI is almost complete!"

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Browse through our comprehensive list of resources on synthetic biology to learn about strategies, techniques, services, or news that can help you adopt new methodlogy, avoid common pitfalls in experimental design and implementation of your metabolic pathway and microbial strain engineering.

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With the mission to Make Research Easy, our scientists have innovated novel platforms and employed advanced technologies to offer you a comprehensive portfolio of highly-customizable synthetic biology services. This core competence along with 16 years of experience in molecular biology will enable you to expedite the build phase of your synthetic biology projects.


Applications of synthetic biology are diverse and rapidly-growing. Browse through the following list to learn more about major applications of synthetic biology in various industries and sectors, and the way they are impacting the life of humans, animals, plants and the Earth.

iGEM Partnership

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Since 2009, GenScript has been a premium partner of the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition. The goal of this competition is to award innovative synthetic biology projects and train the next generation of scientists in the field. Read more about this program and learn how we can sponsor your project.

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