Customizable T cell activation solutions to
suit your experimental designs

From Crude to Premium grade peptides, GenScript offers unmatched service flexibility to meet your individual needs. Our 24/7 technical support and dedicated team exist to guide you through every milestone of your projects.

Quality Peptides for Accurate Characterization of SARS-CoV-2

  • Speaker: Dr. Benjamin tenOever,
    Professor of Microbiology and the Director of the Virus Research Institute, New York University
  • Support: [email protected]

T cell activation made easy with GenScript’s custom peptide service

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"The 3T technology is multi-faceted due to the ability to uncover specialties in any T-cell- mediated disease. 3T Biosciences has been working with GenScript since 2017 to generate thousands of peptides to understand how T-cell receptors recognize their targets. "

Marvin Gee, Ph.D.,

3T Biosciences' co-Founder and Head of Target Discovery

Never Miss a Positive Hit with GenScript’s
T Cell Activation Peptides

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High end synthetic methodologies delivering 98% success rate for peptide synthesis

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Endotoxin and purity guaranteed to minimize off-target effects

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TFA removal and solubility testing ensures production of highly immunogenic peptides

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Peptide Synthesis Service Handbook 2022

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Neoantigen immunopeptidome profiling
and production for personalized
immuno-oncology therapeutic discovery

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Application Note

Effective identification of TCR
and specificity study with CenScript's
custom peptide service

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