TFA Removal Service

Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) is a strong acid, which is commonly used to cleave synthesized peptides from solid-phase resins and is also used to improve HPLC performance in the peptide purification step. Most custom peptides are delivered as lyophilized TFA salts, and can contain as much as 10-45% TFA.

Residual TFA in custom peptides can cause inexplicable discrepancies in subsequent assay data. For instance, TFA in nM concentrations has been shown to interfere with cellular assays, inhibiting cellular proliferation in some instances (Cornish et al.), and increasing cell viability in others (Ma et al.). It has also been found to be an unintended allosteric modulator of the glycine receptor, GlyR (Tipps et al).

TFA Removal Service is recommended for: Guaranteed TFA Removal Service Advantage
  • Peptides that will be used in cellular assays
  • Peptides that will be used as APIs or in manufactured products
  • For hydrophilic peptides containing numerous basic residues
  • Only GenScript's proprietary TFA removal service guarantees reduction of TFA levels to less than 1% (exchange by HCl, formate or acetate).

TFA Removal Process Deliverables


Service type Final TFA counterion % 
< 1 %
< 1 %
< 1 %
TFA counterion % not guaranteed

How to order

To place a quote for TFA removal service, use our online ordering system. Enter your required peptide sequence, quantity, and purity. In the comments section type "TFA removal Service" and include your desired salt (HCl, formate, or acetate) and your desired service type (Guaranteed or Standard). Or you can request a quote via email to peptide@genscript.com.