The Workhorse of Protein Expression in Pharmaceutical Industry – CHO Expression Platform

In this webinar, Field Application Scientist at GenScript Europe, Dr. Shuting Xu, gave a quick review of the common protein expression systems and introduced the history of CHO cell line in protein expression. And then she talked about how to accelerate the research of protein and antibody. In addition, Dr. Xu presented an optimal solution to empower the research in the applications of antibody drug screening, ligand competition binding assays, epitope binning, affinity measurements and screening assays, etc.

According to the characteristics comparison of the 3 main expression systems, we may conclude that the mammalian expression system presents several advantages:

High expression level

High expression level

Excel in extracellular protein expression

Excel in extracellular protein expression

Comprehensive post-translational modification

Comprehensive post-translational modification

So the mammalian expression system is the most suitable platform to produce secretory proteins and antibodies.

For the current antibody therapy strategies against cancer, the applications can be divided into 4 directions depending on the decorations of antibodies:

Enhancing effector functions

Directly arming

Indirectly arming


It can be seen that the market of antibodies in the pharmaceutical industry and demand for the mammalian expression system is large. CHO cells can express many complicated structured antibodies and proteins and about 84% of monoclonal antibody therapeutics approved between 2014 and 2018 were produced using CHO cells.

HEK293 and CHO expression systems are commonly used for transient expression system, so what are the advantages of CHO cell compared with HEK293 cell?

GenScript provides an advanced CHO-HD platform to solve the problem of low yield in HEK 293 cells or other expression system. The cutting-edge system enables the generation of functional recombinant antibodies at much higher yields compared to regular transient expression systems.

Additionally, GenScript provides High throughput Gene-to-Antibody Platform that enables delivery antibody in only 3 weeks starting from sequence to the desired antibody.

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Advanced CHO-HD Platform
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