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UTY cDNA ORF clone

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UTY (Ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat containing, Y-linked) gene, Homo sapiens

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About the UTY gene

UTY encodes a protein containing tetratricopeptide repeats which are thought to be involved in protein-protein interactions. The encoded protein is also a minor histocompatibility antigen which may induce graft rejection of male stem cell grafts. A large number of alternatively spliced transcripts have been observed for this gene, but the full length nature of some of these variants has not been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Apr 2012]

Genomic context of UTY gene

The human UTY gene is shown in the context of the human genome below. To see information about the UTY gene in other species, please use the Search tool to select your desired species. GenScript has on-demand UTY ORF clones in other 183 species.

Chromosome Y - NC_000024.10

Genomic sequence of UTY gene

Learn more about UTY gene


1.Human UTY(KDM6C) is a male-specific Nϵ-methyl lysyl demethylase.

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2.Huge splicing frequency in human Y chromosomal UTY gene.

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3.UTY gene codes for an HLA-B60-restricted human male-specific minor histocompatibility antigen involved in stem cell graft rejection: characterization of the critical polymorphic amino acid residues for T-cell recognition.

Vogt MH, et al. Blood, 2000 Nov 1. PMID 11049993

4.The human UTY gene encodes a novel HLA-B8-restricted H-Y antigen.

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5.Positive and negative selection on mammalian Y chromosomes.

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