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GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

Free Codon Optimization helps ease your synthetic gene design

—— 1 click to get higher yield of target proteins

We are introducing a new GenScript bioinformatic tool every month. In addition, a surprise gift will be sent out to the ones who use the tool. Please stay tuned for the free biological tool and attractive promotion by the 3rd week of each month!

GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

Has your project been hampered for weeks due to the COVID-19 lockdown? It’s time to get prepared to go back to the lab. GenSmart™ free codon optimization tool projects to help you ease gene synthesis and increase the yield of protein expression. In addition, Protein Technical Handbook is available to download on the 'Optimization Result' page.

Why GenSmart™ Codon Optimization?

How to optimize genes by 3 steps?

Input original gene sequence (s)
Select ‘Expression Host Organism’ from 50 popular host organisms
Check the optimized results

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