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qPCR Primer and Probe Design Tool

Get best primer&probe set with any Genbank accession and sequence

We are introducing a new GenScript bioinformatic tool every month. In addition, a surprise gift will be sent out to the ones who use the tool. Please stay tuned for the free biological tool and attractive promotion by the 3rd week of each month!

qPCR Primer and Probe Design Tool

This online tool helps you to design primers and probes for your Real-time PCR (TaqMan) experiments. You can customize the potential PCR amplicon's size range, Tm (melting temperature) for the primers and probes, as well as the organism. You can also decide how many Primer/Probe sets you want the tool to return to you. We recommend you using the GenBank Accession to input your target sequence. However, you can choose to input the sequences manually in raw format.

Input Sequence
GenBank ID or sequence
Criteria setting
Default or customized input
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