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Description The pGS-21a vector is designed for cloning, high-level expression and convenient purification of proteins fused with both 6xHis and GST. Two 6xHis sequences were introduced into the vector for easy detection and purification of fused proteins. The first 6xHis is fused to GST and the fused tag 6xHis-GST can be cleaved using enterokinase. The second 6xHis can be used for detection and further purification after the cleavage of 6xHis-GST.

Storage Store at -20°C.
Forward Sequencing Primer DA0009: T7 (TAATACGACTCACTATAGGG)
Reverse Sequencing Primer DA0010: T7 Terminator (GCTAGTTATTGCTCAGCGG)
Detailed Map F1 ori: 1061 - 1516
Polylinker: 834 - 892
Ampicillin: 1648 - 2508


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You can visit "Citations Database" for more citations. DWD Chung, .et alCharacterization Of The Ubiquitylating Components Of The Human Malaria Parasite'S Protein Degradation Pathway.PLoS One.2012 7(8):e43477.

You can visit "Citations Database" for more citations.

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