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Over 17 years ago, GenScript endeavored to Make Research Easy for scientists worldwide by offering synthetic genes. Today, not only is GenScript the world leader in custom gene synthesis, we are also a prominent provider of a comprehensive portfolio of reliable services and catalog products for biological research, along with a variety of technical resources.

We invite you to partner with us and advance your research projects using our world class services! You will also receive a FREE T-Shirt if you place an order by 08/31/2019.

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Gene Synthesis

Any sequence with 100% accuracy guarantee

Custom Gene Synthesis

Express Gene Synthesis

Economy Gene Synthesis

GenBrick Long DNA Fragments Synthesis

GenPlus High-Throughout Gene Synthesis

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Gene Variant Libraries

Any size & complexity with unprecedented efficiency

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Scanning Point Mutation

Randomized & Degenerated Libraries

Truncation Variant Libraries

Combinatorial Assembly Libraries

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GenParts™ DNA Fragments

With guarantees on quality & delivery time

Peptide Synthesis

In as fast as 5 days with 100% guaranteed quantity

Standard & Express Services

Peptoid Synthesis

Peptide Array Synthesis

Large & Micro-Scale Synthesis

cGMP Peptide Synthesis

Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis

Click Peptide Synthesis

Learn More

CRISPR Services

Variety of reagents for efficient gene editing

Synthetic sgRNA & crRNA

CRISPR gRNA Constructs

Single Stranded DNA Synthesis

CRISPR-edited Mammalian Cell Lines

gRNA Sequence Database

CRISPR gRNA Libraries

Learn More

Recombinant Proteins & Antibodies

Comprehensive services for any host & application

Mammalian Transient Expression

Bacterial Expression

Insect Expression

Monoclonal Antibody Generation

Polyclonal Antibody Generation

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ORF cDNA Clones & Custom Clones

Large collection, fully sequence-verified

Plasmid DNA Preparation

Quality-assured research, transfection or GLP-grades

Order to Receive a Free T-Shirt*!

Please choose your size   S    M    L    XL  

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  1. You could get the promotion by clicking "Get Your Coupon" button between 07/04/2019 and 07/31/2019, and the promotion is effective only for orders placed between 07/04/2019 and 08/31/2019.
  2. Promotion is only valid with shippable orders. The T-Shirt will be shipped along with the items you ordered.
  3. Available for orders worldwide, orders placed on genscript.com and ship to China mainland are not qualified for this promotion. Different program will be announced seperately.
  4. Limited to one Free T-Shirt per customer.
  5. 2 designs of T-Shirt deliver randomly.
  6. Promotion coupon will be auto applied at checkout and may not be applied to orders after they have been confirmed.
  7. For further inquiries contact us at techsupport@genscript.com.

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