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Neoantigen peptide synthesis service for precision therapeutic discovery

Learn the applications of neoantigen peptides as personalized Cancer Vaccine (PCV), solid tumor immuno-therapy, and the solutions for neoantigen production, through GenScript’s proprietary technologies, for precision immunotherapy development.

12-07-2022 Gracie Chia, Field Application Scientist, GenScript

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TIDES Digital Week 2022

09-19-2022 Dr. Fengmei Pi, Head of RNA Biology Department, GenScript

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High-throughput Identification of Intracellular Targets for Solid Tumors

Target identification in solid tumors can help enable therapeutic development against indications of high unmet need and across a wide patient population.

10-07-2020 Marvin Gee, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Head of Target Discovery

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Neoantigen immunopeptidome profiling and production for personalized immuno-oncology therapeutic discovery

Neoantigen based immuno-oncology therapies are proving promising, but neoantigen identification and production are bottlenecks to boosting efficacy.

09-10-2020 Raymond Miller, Ph.D., GenScript. Julie Rumble Ph.D., Cayman Chemical

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