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Bispecific antibodies structural design, production and purification strategies

Join this webinar to gain insights into the diverse applications, design considerations and production strategies of bispecific antibodies (BsAb). You will learn about how bispecific antibodies (BsAb) enable new therapeutic applications

12-08-2023 Dr. Xiaoyu Chen, Protein Senior Scientist, GenScript

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Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Platforms for Accelerating Antibody Drug Discovery

Join us in our webinar to learn more how our anti-idiotypic antibody platform can help you develop highly sensitive and specific polyclonal and monoclonal anti-ID antibodies to best suit your particular downstream applications with shorter turnaround time

05-18-2023 Dr. Hui Foon Tan, PhD, Sr. Global Product Manager - Antibody, GenScript Biotech

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Overcoming Timeline Challenges In Antibody Drug Discovery

Antibody drug discovery and development is a long and arduous journey. It starts with identifying new therapeutic antibodies to treat different diseases.

07-14-2022 Dr. Huifoon Tan, Regional Product Manager, GenScript

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Making Therapeutic Antibodies Simple, Fast and Safe

Making Therapeutic Antibodies Simple, Fast and Safe

06-22-2022 Lidan Ding

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Key Factors to Accelerate Drug Discovery

This webinar will introduce how to generate high quality, highly diverse rabbit monoclonal antibodies towards the SARS-CoV-2 RBD domain via the GenScript's MonoRab™ service and the Beacon single cell sorting platform.

10-29-2021 Dr. Pei Liu, Senior Scientist, Antibody Department, GenScript

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Stable intronic sequence RNA (sisRNA): an expanding universe

Why do eukaryotic cells have introns? Our genes are frequently interspersed with noncoding introns that are commonly believed to be “junk” because they are highly unstable after splicing.

09-23-2021 Dr. Pek Jun Wei, Principal Investigator, Temasek Life Science Laboratory, Singapore

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