Western Blotting Kit

ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kits

With GenScript proprietary Western detection technology, ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kits reduce the total analysis time for a Western blot or Dot blot to just one hour. The kits contain all the necessary reagents, buffers, nitrocellulose membranes and HRP substrates for performing Western blot and is compatible with both chemiluminescent substrates and chromogenic substrates, such as DAB and TMB.

Key Features

  • Fast and Easy: The entire western detection procedure is completed within one hour.
  • Ready-to-Go: The kits come with complete secondary antibodies and need no spedial labeling and far less optimization than traditional three-step kits.
  • High sensitivity: The sensitivity of the ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard kits is comparable to or better than that of any classical 4.5-hour procedure.


  • Protein/antigen detection
  • Evaluation of protein expression
  • Antibody/antigen titration
  • Analysis and comparison of primary antibody activity levels


Western blot detection of housekeeping protein α-tubulin:
ONE-HOUR Western Standard Kit Western blot detection of α-Tubulin using the ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kit (Cat. No. L00204C) and α-tubulin polyclonal antibody (Abcam, ab4074). 10 μg, 5.0 μg, 2.5 μg, 1.25 μg, 0.62 μg, 0.31 μg, 0.16 μg, and 0.08 μg of Hela cell lysates (BD Biosciences, 611449) were loaded into Lane 1, Lane 2, Lane 3, Lane 4, Lane 5, Lane 6, Lane 7, and Lane 8, respectively. The blot was developed with the LumiSensor™ Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate included in the kit.

Ordering Information

Cat. No.Name SizePriceQuantity Technical Manual
L00204C ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kit (Rabbit) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $75.00
ONE-HOUR Western Standard Kit
L00205C ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kit (Mouse) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $75.00
L00204T ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kit Using TMB (Rabbit) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $75.00
L00205T ONE-HOUR Western™ Standard Kit Using TMB (Mouse) 1 Kit (5 Assays) $75.00