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Note: The payment center supports credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and electronic version of PO document only. If you would like to use other payment form, please contact our customer service by email [email protected] . If you would like to fax your PO document, please fax to 732-210-0262.

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We are pleased to upgrade the payment system to make the ordering more convenient, resulting in a shorter and more efficient purchase procedures for your orders with GenScript.

Purchasing Agent

1 / Manage Users Online
No manual modification, no email or calls
2 / Control Payment Options
Blanket PO, credit card and all member’s payment method
3 / Dashboard and Report
Query and manage all member’s order/quote & invoices
4 / Security & End-User Portal
No shared accounts

If you already have your purchase agent account at GenScript, please login to manage your customers’ needs. Go online now to say goodbye the fussy procedures.

payment upgrade for purchase agent

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If you are end user, please log in first, place your order online or you can send your request to your account manager. And you are encouraged to invite your purchase agent to join us.

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GenScript provides 24-hour service Monday through Friday.

You may contact us any time through our Secure Messaging System, email to [email protected], or by phone (24 hours a day Monday through Friday) at +1-732-885-9188.