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Are You looking For a High Specificity Monoclonal Antibody?

Look No Further Than MonoRab™
Our Premier Rabbit mAb Generation Platform

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eBlot® L1 Fast wet transfer system

- Fast and complete transfer in 9-17 minutes
- Superior tranfer efficiency to other blotting systems
- Easy to operate

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GenSmart Gene Ordering

Revolutionizing the way you order genes, all in 3 minutes or less!


Custom Peptide Synthesis

Guaranteed quantity for your custom peptide, at no extra cost


Recombinant Antibody Production

One stop service from gene to recombinant antibody, Flexible throughput from microgram to gram

Industrial Grade Plasmid

What does industrial quality mean to your research?

It is time to switch!

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Peptide Handbook First Edition!
Take your expertise to the next level!

- A Guide to Peptide Design and Applications
- Learn the essentials of peptide modification, purification,
  solubility, and storage

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Your Project, Your Vision, Your Choices!
Custom Monoclonal Antibody
Production Services

- Comprehensive monoclonal antibody generation services

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Over 300 Secondary Antibodies

Conjugates, full IgG, Fab fragments and cross-absorbed are available


Protein Purification Resins

Simplify your purification task


GenEZ ORF Clone

Next-day Shipping ORF clone available. Starting from $49/clone

Drug Discovery & Development


Antibody Sequencing

Over 4,000 antibodies sequenced with a success rate of 100%!
Starts from $840, within 10 business days!


Anti-idiotype antibody for PK&IG study upgraded!

High specificity and sensitivity
Over 200 projects, 100% success rate


Stable Cell Line for Assay Development

Overexpression, inducible expression, Knock-down, and Knock-in expression



New! ORF Clone Promotion

Up to 80% OFF for druggable gene collections!


30% OFF Rabbit mAb products

His Tag, Flag Tag, Beta Actin, anti-VHH and more.

Biologics Services
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Introducing NEW pull-down menu of Biologics Services