mRNA provides new therapeutic opportunities for a range of diseases. In vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA's versatility lies in several key features: simplified cell-free manufacturing, cell cycle independent performance, and insertional-mutagenesis risk-free.

The simple and expedited mRNA manufacturing workflow offers more opportunities for personalized medicines, such as patient-specific cancer vaccines or protein replacement for rare diseases.

GenScript’s solution to mRNA production streamlines your workflow starting from gene synthesis to IVT mRNA production. mRNAs produced at GenScript are optimized with our proprietary production platform, ensuring the quality and expression efficiency of your mRNA.

One-Stop Solution for ALL Your mRNA Needs


Catalog mRNA

Our off-the-shelf mRNA is optimized with 5’ cap and polyA tails that is ready to use for your research needs

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Plasmid DNA Linearization

High quality linearized DNA plasmid for better quality and consistency of your mRNA production

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Why GenScript

Integrated Production Process Service covering from gene to mRNA synthesis
Experienced Team with Optimized
Production Platform
Save your time & effort in designing and making mRNA
Customized / off-the-shelf mRNA Variety of choices to fulfill your research needs


Dr. Sang-Moo Kang Dr. Sang-Moo Kang

Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University

GenScript mRNA has helped us make a rapid progress in developing novel vaccine projects. GenScript service is faithful and timely provided, saving me lots of time to focus on research. This is why I have been using GenScript services for over 20 years.

Quality Control and Specification

QC Item Test Method Specification RUO
Identification Appearance Visual Inspect Clear and free of foreign particles
RNA Length Capillary Electrophoresis Target ± 30%
RNA Length Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Expected size band detected
Poly A Length Enzyme digestion and CE Target ± 30%
RNA Content UV Absorbance Target ± 5%
PH pH meter Target ± 0.5
Buffer Specification Client Spec N/A
Purity A 260/280 Ratio UV Spec 1.70 ~ 2.30
Capping Efficiency LC-MS ≥ 90%
Size based purity Capillary Electrophoresis ≥75%
Impurity Total protein residue Nano Orange Assay ≤ 1%
Plasmid DNA Residue qPCR ≤ 0.1%
dsRNA Slot-blot ≤ 1%
Safety Endotoxin Semiquantitative < 10EU/mg
Endotoxin Quantitative < 10EU/mg
Bioburden Sdirect Inoculation No Growth after
48 hrs

Note: Additional QC and characterizations are offered with an extra charge upon request.


mRNA Infographic

Through this mRNA infographic you will learn about:
IVT mRNA’s key structural features and their function Composition of lipid nanoparticles as a main delivery vehicle IVT mRNA’s therapeutic modalities beyond prophylactic vaccines mRNA candidates progressing through clinical trials

IVT mRNA Reagents

Find kits and reagents for gene synthesis and in vitro transcription

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