Consistent, high-quality mRNAs are required to develop personalized mRNA therapeutics, such as patient-specific cancer vaccines or protein replacements for rare diseases.

In vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA synthesis presents several key benefits, including simplified cell-free manufacturing, cell cycle-independent performance, and no risk of insertional mutagenesis.

GenScript offers custom IVT mRNA production via our expert RNA team based in Seattle, Washington. Our proprietary IVT RNA manufacturing workflow is both simple and versatile, with many customizable options.


100 bp – 20 kb sequences

<0.2 mg to 200 mg

5' Cap Options


Cap1 (Co-Capped or enzymatic)

Cap2 (Co-Capped)


Poly(A) Tail Options

100A Tail (recommended)

Custom tail ≤ 120A

No Tail

Modified NTP options



5meC &  Ψ


One-Stop Solution for ALL Your mRNA Needs

GenScript’s solution to IVT mRNA manufacturing streamlines your workflow from gene synthesis to mRNA production. Our IVT mRNAs are optimized with our proprietary production platform, ensuring the quality and expression efficiency of your mRNA.

Codon/UTR Optimization Codon/UTR Optimization
  • Codon optimization for protein expression offered every day for every gene
  • Codon optimization with >200 factors screened (patent)
Gene Synthesis Gene Synthesis
  • 100 bp – 20 kb gene inserts
  • TAT as fast as 6 BDs to 14 BDs
  • Gene synthesis with Poly(A)-built-in vector
Cloning/Plasmid Synthesis Cloning/Plasmid Synthesis
  • Ready to use linearized plasmid DNA for IVT
  • Vectors encoded stable Poly(A) tracts with variance of only +/- 5-10 nt
Enzyme Production Enzyme Production
  • T7 polymerase, RNase inhibitors, DNase I, Proteinase K, enzymes commercially available
  • Mission to develop GenScript mRNA proprietary polymerases and capping enzymes
mRNA Synthesis mRNA Synthesis
  • Customized RUO to preclinical grade mRNA service
  • Advanced purification (Oligo dT, dsRNA removal) and variety of QC options

Why GenScript

Integrated Production Process

Service covering from gene to mRNA synthesis

Proprietary mRNA Vector

For optimized IVT production

Uniform Poly(A) tail

Enhances expression efficiency

Purification & QC

Advanced purification (Oligo dT, dsRNA removal) and QC analysis available

Experienced Team with Optimized
Production Platform

Save your time & effort in designing and making mRNA

Customized / off-the-shelf mRNA

Variety of choices to fulfill your research needs


Dr. Sang-Moo Kang Dr. Sang-Moo Kang

Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University

GenScript mRNA has helped us make a rapid progress in developing novel vaccine projects. GenScript service is faithful and timely provided, saving me lots of time to focus on research. This is why I have been using GenScript services for over 20 years.

Quality Control and Specification

QC Item Test Method Specification RUO
Identification Appearance Visual Inspect Clear and free of foreign particles
RNA Length Capillary Electrophoresis Target ± 30%
RNA Length Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Expected size band detected
Poly A Length Enzyme digestion and CE Target ± 30%
RNA Content UV Absorbance Target ± 5%
PH pH meter Target ± 0.5
Buffer Specification Client Spec N/A
Purity A 260/280 Ratio UV Spec 1.70 ~ 2.30
Capping Efficiency LC-MS ≥ 90%
Size based purity Capillary Electrophoresis ≥75%
Impurity Total protein residue Nano Orange Assay ≤ 1%
Plasmid DNA Residue qPCR ≤ 0.05%
dsRNA Slot-blot ≤ 0.1%
Safety Endotoxin Semiquantitative < 10EU/mg
Endotoxin Quantitative < 10EU/mg
Bioburden Sdirect Inoculation No Growth after
48 hrs

Note: Additional QC and characterizations are offered with an extra charge upon request.


mRNA Case Study Report

Case studies showing high expression efficiency of GenScript’s mRNA for expressing SB transposase, GFP, Luciferase, eSpCas9, and more.

Free Download
Advancements in mRNA manufacturing

Advancements in mRNA manufacturing

You will learn about

  • Achieve superior quality in IVT mRNA
  • Drive new therapy modalities
  • Enhance protein expression with circular RNA
  • Deliver your therapeutics efficiently and safely
  • Optimize the performance of your therapeutics
mRNA Therapy Infographic

mRNA Therapy Infographic

In this infographic you will learn about

  • IVT mRNA key structural features and their functions
  • Composition of lipid nanoparticles as the main delivery vehicle
  • IVT mRNA's therapeutic modalities beyond prophylactic vaccines
  • mRNA candidates progressing through clinical trials

mRNA Parts Infographic

In this infographic you will learn about:

  • The main structural components of mRNA
  • The functional roles of each part
  • What constitutes high-quality IVT mRNA
  • Custom options for IVT mRNA design with GenScript

mRNA Whitepaper

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • Effects of plasmid DNA integrity on mRNA quality
  • Production strategies for improved PolyA tail consistency
  • mRNA capping options for different cell types
  • Importance of uridine modification
  • LNP packaging strategies for improved mRNA delivery
  • Benefits of integrated manufacturing workflow & customizable QA/QC options

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