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Ensure the quality of your mRNA by leveraging GenScript’s mRNA manufacturing expertise to perform reliable QC analysis on your IVT mRNA samples.

Simply fill out the form to request a quote for your preferred QC tests and send us your mRNA sample. Analysis typically takes 1-3 weeks depending on the specific tests (see table below).

mRNA QC Service Introduction

Option mRNA QC Test TAT, days Amount Required Method
1 PolyA Tail Length Assay 7 300pmol RNase digestion and purification to recover the polyA tail fragment, followed by polyA tail length analysis by small RNA bio-analyzer kit assay or LC-MS.
2 Capping Efficiency Assay 14-21 300pmol RNase digestion to isolate a short oligo from the 5’ end of the mRNA sample to be analyzed by LC-MS to calculate the capping efficiency.
3 dsRNA Residue Assay 10 40ug Slot-blot assay using a dsRNA-specific antibody to test for dsRNA residues in mRNA sample.
4 RNA Capillary Electrophoresis 5 10ug Bioanalyzer assay to test RNA length and purity.
5 Total Protein Residue Assay 7 10ug Nano-orange assay to test the residual protein amount in mRNA sample.
6 Plasmid DNA Residue Assay 14 5ug q-PCR assay to test the residual plasmid DNA residue amount in mRNA sample.
7 Quantitative Endotoxin Assay 5 5ug GenScript ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay to test endotoxin level in mRNA sample.
8 BioBurden Assay 14 200ug TSA plate to recover a broad range of microorganisms such as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria from liquid.

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