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Genscript Biotech Corporation (GS) is the largest gene synthesis service provider globally and the third large DNA synthesis services provider in the world in terms of revenue in 2014, according to Frost & Sullivan. The Group is a well‐recognized life sciences research and application service and product provider with comprehensive portfolio coverage in the world. The services and products are primarily used by scientists and researchers for conducting fundamental life sciences research, translational biomedical research, and early stage pharmaceutical development. Its synthetic biology products are also used by industry users of industrial enzymes, such as those in the food industry.

Originally founded in New Jersey in the United States in 2002, we have established an extensive direct sales network, reaching over 100 countries in North America, Europe, the PRC, Asia Pacific (excluding the PRC and Japan) and Japan. We have established a highly diversified customer base, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, colleges and universities, research institutes, government bodies (including government testing and diagnostic centers) and distributors. With a strong sales and marketing team and strong research and development capabilities, the Company maintains a stable and sustainable growth.


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