Date Title
2023-06-01 GenScript's Subsidiary Bestzyme Secured RMB 250 Million Financing for Synthetic Biology Business
2023-05-22 GenScript Debuts Chip-Based GenTitan™ Gene Fragments Service to Expedite Gene Synthesis at Lower Cost
2023-05-18 GenScript Expands Peptide and Oligonucleotide Production Facility in China
2023-05-10 GenScript ProBio Supports Commercial Manufacturing of the World's First DNA Immunotherapy Targeting HSIL
2023-04-23 GenScript attended the 2023 BIOLIGN Innovators World
2023-03-28 GenScript Entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with PersonGen on Cell Isolation Products
2023-02-28 GenScript Expands Footprint in Singapore to Provide Premium Gene Synthesis Service
2022-12-15 Cell and Gene Therapy Companies Leverage GenScript’s cGMP sgRNA Capability to Accelerate Speed to Market
2022-11-21 4th GenScript Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Development & Cooperation Forum Brought together CEOs of three CAR-T companies
2022-10-18 Topping out of GenScript Life Science Reagent R&D and Manufacturing Building Fuels High-quality Growth of Biopharmaceutical Services
2022-10-17 GenScript supported approval of its partner's nasal spray for COVID-19 protection in Thailand
2022-09-22 GenScript and Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology Collaborate on Groundbreaking Non-Viral Cell Therapy Study
2022-09-20 GenScript and Avectas Team Up to Improve the Non-Viral Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process
2022-05-16 GenScript Launches GMP Single-Strand and Double-Strand DNA Service for Supporting Gene and Cell Therapy Development
2021-11-30 GenScript Launches Closed-End Double Stranded DNA Service for CRISPR | GenScript
2021-06-30 GenScript receives "Best Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization Award" in the Korea Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2021
2021-06-21 Duke NUS and GenScript Announce Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Application for SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate Virus Neutralization Test | GenScript
2021-05-12 ERS Genomics and GenScript Biotech Corporation sign CRISPR/Cas9 license agreement | GenScript
2021-04-28 GenScript Launches Research-Grade Lentiviral Vector Packaging Service
2021-04-12 GenScript, Parkway Laboratories and Diagnostics Development (DxD) Hub collaborate to provide cPass™ SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Testing Service in Singapore
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