Pooled CRISPR guide RNA libraries, or gRNA libraries, are ideal for high-throughput screening of important molecular targets. These libraries leverage the efficiency and specificity of the CRISPR gene editing technology to either knock-out gene expression or transcriptionally activate genes in the genome.

GenScript offers a variety of Broad Institute pre-validated gRNA library options, including GeCKO libraries for genome-wide knockout of human and mouse genes, and CRISPR Synergistic Activating Mediator (SAM) libraries for transcriptional activation of every gene in the human and mouse genome.

GenScript also offers fully customized gRNA libraries, with complete coverage and uniform distribution, for CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa, and CRISPRi.

How are CRISPR libraries used?

Screening using the CRISPR technology is particularly advantageous because of its simplicity, specificity and versatility. The genome-wide GeCKO and SAM libraries were designed to target every gene in the mouse or human genes and knock-out or transcriptionally activate each gene, respectively. Libraries are amplified, packaged and transduced into host cells to generate mutant cell lines (Figure 1). The mutants can then be screened under specific conditions, such as by positive or negative selection, to identify important genes in a pathway.

Figure 1: How to use CRISPR gRNA libraries

CRISPR gRNA library

CRISPR gRNA Libraries


We would like to acknowledge Professor Sheng Yang (Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences) for contributing the original plasmids for the microbial genome editing service. The plasmids were subsequently engineered by the GenScript team to meet the service needs.

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