Cas12a (Cpf1) is a novel CRISPR-Cas DNA endonuclease that, like Cas9, can be used to create double-stranded breaks in DNA. Cas12a offers several advantages over Cas9 that expand its utility in gene editing applications:

  • Expanded editing scope: Cas12a recognizes T-rich PAM sequences, enabling genome editing in species with AT-rich genomes such as zebrafish, etc.
  • Enhanced editing efficiency: In contrast to the blunt ends created by Cas9, Cas12a produces staggered sticky ends at the 5' end, resulting in improved homology-directed repair (HDR) and gene editing efficiency.
  • Shorter gRNA: Cas12a crRNA is around 40-44nt, including a constant region of 20nt and a specificity-binding region of 20-24nt. Also, the crRNA does not require the use of a tracrRNA, making chemical synthesis simpler and more economical.

Leveraging over 21 years of oligonucleotide synthesis experience, GenScript offers customized Cas12a crRNA, supporting AsCas12a/LbCas12a and various customized Cas12 crRNA options, with high purity, precise molecular weight, and proven high efficiency in gene knock-out/knock-in.


Superior Quality

Precise molecular weight, high purity,
excellent batch-to-batch consistency, RUO to cGMP

Proven Efficiency

High gene knockout/knock-in efficiency
verified in multiple cell lines & loci

Flexible Solutions

Desalt and HPLC Grade
None or complimentary PS-2′-Ome modifications


KO/KI Basic Research

Species rich in AT-genome, etc.

Gene & Cell Therapy

High fidelity with low off-target effects


Service Cas12a (cpf1) crRNA Synthesis Service
Length 40-49nt*
*For <40nt or>50nt RNA oligo synthesis, please inquire here
  • Default: No modifications
  • 2'-O-Methylation and phosphorothioate modifications optional with NO additional cost
  • Other custom modifications available
Purification Desalt & HPLC
Quantity Starting from 2 nmol, up to 5000nmol, Lyophilized powder
QC Reports COA and MS report (HPLC report available for HPLC grade)
Production Time 4 business days (Exclude shipping time)
How to Order
  • For AsCas12a and LbCas12a crRNA synthesis, you can directly provide a variable region sequence of 19-29 nucleotides, and we will automatically add a proven scaffold sequence to the final crRNA.
  • For other Cas12a variants, please provide the complete 40-49 nucleotide sequence directly.

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Competitive Price!

Quantity Desalt Grade HPLC Grade
2 nmol $65 Inquiry
5 nmol $90
10 nmol $120

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Case Studies

Cas12a crRNA Design Tool

GenScript offers an easy-to-use crRNA design tool for AsCas12a and LbCas12a, which includes a variety of crRNA design parameters for your reference and selection. Try it now:

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