Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA or ssODN) is proven to be the best CRISPR homology directed repair (HDR) template for creating gene knock-in, with high editing efficiency and reduced off-target integration. GenScript now offers high quality, sequence verified ssDNA for maximizing the editing efficiency of your CRISPR experiments.

Why Use ssDNA as CRISPR Gene Knock-In HDR Templates?

  • High editing efficiency
  • Lower cytotoxicity
  • Reduced off-target integration
  • Increased editing accuracy
  • Ideal for editing primary cells and stem cells
  • Ideal for developing transgenic animal model

Why GenExact™ ssDNA?

  • 150-5,000 nt, Sequence verification by sanger sequencing the final ssDNA product
  • No harsh chemicals, enzymatic approach for ensuring non-detectable levels of dsDNA and minimum DNA base damage
  • Up to 100 µg delivery quantity allowing for flexible study design
  • Free life-time gene template storage supporting faster and more cost-effective re-orders
  • Expertise & 16+ year experience in synthesizing difficult genes as ssDNA templates
  • cGMP and GMP-like ssDNA production now available – learn more here


KansasStateDr. Theodore Roth

the Marson Lab at University of California San Francisco

Long ssDNA sequences are difficult to produce in the lab, especially at the high concentrations necessary for gene editing experiments, we were able to successfully integrate large DNA sequences into primary human T cells using GenScript's long ssDNA product.


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Deliver in as fast as 3 weeks

Quantity (ug) 151-500nt ($/Item) 501-4000nt ($/nt)
3 $400 $0.80
5 $550 $1.00
10 $800 $1.30
20 $1,300 $1.90
50 $1,850 $3.00
100 $2,400 $4.40
>100 Email Us

For sequence longer than 4kb, please contact us at [email protected]

Test Specifications Detection Method Release Criteria Research Grade (≤2mg)
Purity Agarose gel electrophoresis Single band
Sequence accuracy Sanger sequencing 100% sequence alignment
Optical density Spectrophotometer at 260 nm/230 nm ≥ 2.0


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